This site is a public space where I post my personal thought and reflections on the increasing level of technical sophistication in our society with the intent of translating those insights into actions as the future is here already tomorrow

Manifesto to myself

I have been writing in multiple non-public spaces on the theme of how to adapt to our changing society for about 10 years. Over this space of time I have come to the insight that when I feel forced to write and publish for other people my inspiration and motivation dries up.

My intention with this site is to test a concept where I primarily write to meet my own interest and needs as if it would be my private space and if other fancy what I do that is an added value

When it comes to adapting to the future my personal belief is that changes come from learning by doing. It is easy to think that the future is somewhere in a far distance and therefore I remind myself that Tomorrows the future. If I can continuously translate my insights into action then I have a good chance of staying in tune with our societies change

To generate my insights on where society is transforming with an ever-increasing level of technical sophistication I have over time developed an approach that also is reflected in this sites structure

  • News reading is a good way to continuously get an inbound feed
  • Reflection is a structured way to translate the inbound feed into internalized knowledge and thereafter action
  • Reviews of other great thinkers provides benchmark to my own thoughts
  • Megatrends are good to use as a mean to expand the perspective and consider what fundamentally affects society and the future

What will you get out of from this site?

  • I would expect if you want a reader’s digest of the changes in our society and inspiration on what you concretely could do differently already now in your professional domain
  • The site could both serve somewhat as a one stop shop or complement to other sources
  • Compared to many other good thinkers my default perspective is the pragmatic and do something right now on
  • I like words so if you are looking for short text in general you will be disappointed
  • I think todays klick culture makes us stupid and unreflective and I have no intent to publish things like “top 10 list” (links excluded)

Whom is behind the site

I do not think who I am is that interesting for the site and rather want the content to speak for itself.

The intension with the site is not primarily to promote myself as person even if that is an obvious side effect.

The short version is that I am consultant in Sweden working within the domain I write about