Digitalization is not to think big, Smart Society is

Based upon my earlier post – “I dream about the day I no longer have to talk about digitalization” –  I have thought about what I should use instead of Digitalization as a concept. After quite some research and good discussions with a few clever friends of mine I have come to some sort of early […]

How big impact will AI have on our economy?

Or is AI a new type of production factor in the economy? According to Accenture research we should start to see AI as a new production factor and they have 3 main arguments: AI is neither labor or capital but rather a hybrid between both and as automation is self improving it should not be […]

Our economy 2028 – a prediction by Swedish Radio

New approach by Swedish radio Ekonomiekot show to predict trends for our economy in 2028 They glance through AI, wearable, circular economy and trade and try to make a good overall prediction In short they concluded  a lot is likely to happen in 10 years and both companies and employment market will have to change   […]